Internal regulations



Corporate Governance Code

Положение об ОСА

Regulation of the General Shareholders’ Meeting

Положение о НС

Regulation of the Supervisory Board

Положение о ревиз.комис

Regulation of the Review Committee

Положение об испол.органе

Regulation of the Executive Agency

Положение об инфор.полит

Regulation of the information policy

Положение о внутр.контр

Regulation of the Internal Control

Положение о поряд.вознаг

Regulations on the compensation of Executive Agency

Положение о дивид.полит

Regulation of the dividend policy

Положение по инфор.безоп.

Regulation on Information Security

Положение о поря.дейс.при конф

Regulation of the order of actions in a conflict of interests

Положение о порядке голосования

Regulations on the procedure of voting representatives of JSC

Положение о внутреннем аудите

Regulations on the Internal Audit Service

Регламент отбора в исп.орган

Rules of selection of candidates for the executive body

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